Gutters and Gutter Guards

Gutter Info:

.032 Guage Aluminum Seamless Gutter
5″ and 6″ Widths Available
Standard and Oversized Commercial Downspouts available
Offered in 15 colors plus copper to match your homes trim color
Hidden gutter hanger installation

While gutters are your foundation and siding’s first line of defense from the rain and snow, gutter guards are your roof’s best protection. You see, what most people don’t realize is that clogged gutters are not only unsightly, but they can damage your home. When the water is blocked in the gutter it has no place to go but over the sides, which means the water usually wears away at the fascia board (the part of the roof that holds the gutters and covers the transition between roof and walls). Once this gets compromised the water finds its way into the walls and can ruin the windows, studs, carpets and floor.

Now that you know, you can think of gutter guards as not only making so you never have to clean your gutters again, but also as cheap insurance to protect the integrity of your home.

Gutter Guards Info:

RhinoGuard brand of gutter guards on a home in Chesterfield VARHINO BEST is a stainless steel micro-mesh over expanded aluminum product that yields the optimum micron size (440)to prevent all debris from entering the gutter system. This product utilizes a .024″ aluminum body and lip that is mechanically fastened over the mesh laminate, creating an exponentially stronger product, in both compression and tension.The embossed texture feature deters debris from “sticking” to the product by minimizing surface contact area, thus augmenting the debris shedding.

The front leg of the product screws to the front lip of the gutter and the back upward bend (fascia shield) allows it to be screwed directly to the fascia, creating a slight forward slope. This installation creates unprecedented”box girder” strength, making the gutter assembly, which is inherently weak by nature, a completely closed member.The micro-mesh technology ensures that leaves, twigs, pine needles,oak tassels,shingle grit and other small debris will never breach the system to migrate into the gutters. The mesh is strategically sized to allow passage of pollen and dust so it is washed through during rainfall. Ita picture of gutters on a home in Richmond Virginia may be necessary from time to time to clean or remove stubborn debris (inorganic & organic) from the mesh surface to maintain the proper performance. As with all RHINO products, NO roof or shingle contact is required.

RHINO BEST is manufactured from 3000 series aluminum, stainless steel mesh, and 3000 series “embossed” aluminum (for the body and lip). The mesh is “hemmed” over the expanded metal and then roll formed to achieve its shape creating unprecedented lateral tension of the mesh, forcing it to be in constant contact with the substrate.

Open area yield of the mesh is 57%.

Rhino Best Warranty

CSH Construction LLC. is proud to install Rhino brand gutters and gutter guards throughout Richmond VA, Midlothian, Chesterfield, and Central Virginia. Call our home improvement experts about this great, hassle free product today.

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